Week 23

Hey all,

Interesting news… We went to mission conference last week and were told about a couple of changes in the mission.

Starting in June, and a little before, our mission will be trying to get rid of cars!!! Seriously! The sisters will be able to keep them for the nights in dangerous areas, but other than that, nothing! And another thing… The Chino area Spanish speaking will stay in our mission but the English area is moving. This means that 14-16 Elders and Sisters will be moving to the new Rancho Cucamunga Mission. They’re supposed to be all English speaking but you never know.

This is the last week of the transfer! We have 5 new sisters coming in, meaning everyone is training except one companionship. This basically leads to me either staying and training H. Stohlton or opening up a new area and training at the same time! We’ll see what happens. I don’t want to leave Rimgrove (my first area) yet! I just barely figured out everything here, am friends with all the members. Also opening a new area?!? That scares me!

So what did I do this last week? 

  • I ate a raw oyster with chili and salt. I was two seconds from throwing up but somehow swallowed it. The person who made it for me put way too much chili on it and I seriously started crying, from spiciniess and laughing too much. Never again.
  • I went on exchange to East LA. It was so awesome! I learned so much, and it was fun to get to meet new people.
  • We had mission conference
  • We unclogged our shower drain the night before exchanges. We pulled out this giant hairball!! It was the size of a rat or something. It was nasty! 
  • Our investigator Juan came to church, and to a baptism, on his birthday!! He is looking good for baptism on the 21st of April!!
  • We have another investigator, Temos, who has a date for the same day!! Also he couldn’t call us from his phone, he had to use someone else’s phone to call us. So he couldn’t tell us he got lost going to church. Culprit? We think it’s Satan.
  • Also we have someone we’re working with who we call “Jose bench press” because we don’t know his last name and we met him while he was using a bench press. Super random/awesome.

Well that’s it!! Love you all!

Hermana Laura Johnson



Week 22

Hola todos!

Life is good here in Rimgrove as always.

I think I’ve mentioned the weird things Oswald texts us before. To preface, he is like our BFF, he just texts us the random things he hears or finds on a daily basis. Here is one he just barely sent: “The actor who was cast to play Satan on The History Channel’s mini-series “The Bible” looks EXACTLY like President Obama!” Oh, and last week he told us about the new pope, except what he said was, “A new poop has been elected!” We about died!!

We had the funniest roleplay the other day. (Yes we do roleplays to practice our Spanish, and to simulate scenarios that we might be in). We came in for the night and our apartment was stinky from whatever was in the trash. H. Stohlton commented on it during the roleplay, she asked why it stunk so bad. Then we laughed until H LaPierre cried. Then H Stohlton said “Sometimes our sins can be as stinky as trash.” H. LaPierre used her tears, and talked about her “stinky smoking problem.” We learned that talking about trash in a contact doesn’t really work…

We put a note with some balloons on the door of an investigator. One of the balloons flew at me and popped in front of my face. I screamed because it was unexpected, and a little girl from the apartment across the sidewalk opened the blinds in confusion. We would have contacted that apartment if she wasn’t Asian!

We have a baptismal date for our investigator Juan 2 for the middle of April. He has a hard time reading but regardless, he read what we gave him, and he really connected to baptism. He loved 3 Nephi 27:20 which talks about being without stain. Before, he told us he only has time on weekends. Yesterday he said he has a two hour break between his two jobs, and would love to see us sooner. We are very excited for his progress, and we can already see him starting to change! 

The funny part about our two Juans is that they are now BFFs. Juan 1 even texted us this week, and called himself Juan 1.

We did no car Friday and it was so great!! We walked so much, I felt so free!! Then at the end we had agua de sandilla or watermelon water! Just blend up some watermelon with a bit of water. It is delicious! 

Also sketch moment last week. Our less active guy told us to wait two seconds, then he went around the house and disappeared. We thought he was grabbing his girlfriend or baby, since there is another apartment in the back where the family lives. H LaPierre heard an engine start though… Super awkward/sketchy.

“So he’s pro-wrestler gone preacher?” -Me
“I could do that! Wait uhhh…” -H LaPierre

Here’s another Oswald quote to end this email, “I’d like to see David Copperfield turn water into wine or feed thousands from just a handful of fish.”

Hermana Laura Johnson



Week 21

Hey you peeps! 

I’m assuming a lot of people heard about the announcement over the policy change for email. If not, oh well, the announcement means I can email you now! Which is great, as long as I use my time on here wisely–I can write my mission president, weekly email and friends! I’m not guaranteeing my letters to individuals will be long, but often more than the every month or so!

This week… not sure exactly everything I want to say so maybe bullet points?!

  • New companion! Hermana Stohlton from Utah. The first 19 year old sister in the mission! She’s cute, reminds me a lot of my friend Brooke Adams from BYU (shout out to her if she’s reading!)
  • Right place, right time story–Except not what you think. We were in an area and we saw our investigator walking by, we hadn’t been able to see her so we chatted. Then asked if she really had interest, which she didn’t, so… we dropped her. Usually those stories are much more exciting
  • Am I slowing becoming Latina? Yes. Cravings for corn tortillas, tacos, quesadillas… yuuuuum
  • Juan got the Holy Ghost yesterday! Woohooo! He also got the priesthood, which was a surprise to us. We didn’t know they could get it so soon! He was funny about it, he didn’t say it like this exactly but totally should have, “Did you guys hear that I got ‘it’?” “Got what?” “The power of God!”
  • Looking on my journal from Monday, apparently “this (missionary work) is all a big lesson, with so many applications for the future.” Life right now is crazy insane. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time but it all gets done and works out. Everything I learn here I am going to use, even if I can’t see it. I am changed for the better. I am not who I was before, and I am currently in that ‘conversion’ process, which is why it is so hard. Life is all about growing right? And that doesn’t happen when we’re comfortable!
  • I don’t think I ever mentioned the dead rat we found at Oswald’s house. But yes, a dead rat was just chilling in his shed, and luckily Hna LaPierre tossed it out, not me!
  • Also, on Saturday we were stuck outside from 1 1/2 hours with a fridge! Some guy from Home Depot dropped off a fridge in his forklift and left! He drove that thing down the road apparently! We waited until the Elders came to help us install the new one. Then we left the old one outside, and it was gone when we got back. Well it was just going to the dump anyways!
  • Also I ate some kind of fish and didn’t throw up! It was insanely seasoned which is what saved me. We all three looked at each other in alarm when we saw it, none of us like fish!

Much love,

Hermana Laura Johnson



Week 20 The Most exciting letter ever

Hola familia y amigos,
Firstly, Juan was BAPTIZED! It was great! It was a little hectic and up to the wire. We called about 30 people to get one thing or another from them each. The craziest thing was the towels!!!! We forgot to tell Juan to bring one so we called a member close by to bring them. She’s like the busiest lady ever, so she couldn’t come. We called her on the phone and she rattled off and we couldn’t understand her she was talking so crazy fast. But apparently she gave them to someone else, and there wasn’t a problem… We didn’t sit down for the longest time, I was just scrambling to do things. After awhile, things calmed down. We had everyone write down their testimonies while Juan was changing and that was good, to know it happened, and I had a part in that. It’s amazing to see him. He has such a strong testimony of the truch, and he doesn’t want to stop progressing, which is all we could ever hope for. Now we’re just off to teach the lessons after baptism (temples, service, missionary work etc)!
So here’s the other exciting, scary, intense news… We’re training here in Rimgrove! Yes that’s right. Two will soon become three once again! We have no idea who she is or anything about her, we just were told last night at 10 that we have to pick her up at 3 today. That means training new sisters begins now for me! It’ll be way interesting since we’re both training her, I feel more on the still being trained side of things though. But this month will be great! Training is so awesome!
This last week, we had some really wonderful things happen, including receiving three new investigators! And we’re hoping for a couple more tonight! We kind of ran out of investigators, they all were dropped or baptized, so we’re starting from scratch. This will be perfect for this new sister!
Life is good here in Rimgrove. I’m not sure if I ever said what the area covers exactly (since I didn’t really know at the start). We cover La Puente, Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights and Diamond Bar (though we never go there), CA. It covers part of Los Angeles County. I really am content to be here, sharing the gospel in this mix of Spanish, English, Korean and Chinese people. It’s super exciting and fulfilling. It truly is fulfilling knowing that when people accept the gospel into their lives, they can change, have purpose in life and become the people they and Heavenly Father want. My testimony has been tried since coming on my mission, but I’m still here, still believing, and still loving it. I can see that this mission has changed me, it’s been a little rough at times, but that’s a part of it. True change only comes when you are in the fiery furnace, uncovering the diamond within. And that change will keep going until the end of my life, just through Christ!
Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!!
Hermana Laura Johnson