Week 19

Dear everyone,
I have my FIRST BAPTISM in a week!! Wooohooo! It’s awesome. Juan is getting baptized for real!! He’s excited, but a little nervous at the same time. It’ll be great though! I’ll send pictures of that ASAP.
And we had this amazing contact on Saturday. Seriously amazing! He was totally not interested, we were 10 seconds from leaving when I told him he reminded me of Juan R (they both live with their sisters, work with metal etc). And coincidentally this guy’s name is Juan also… I mentioned how Juan R. has changed so much, used to smoke, drink, didn’t care, and now he is totally different. Well after that, he told us to come back because he was indeed very interested, he wants the same change. We got in the car, and screamed, we were so happy! The next day he even called us! It was amazing!!! If Juan R. was so perfect, I am hoping for a similar thing with Juan.
I got some super old stamps from Oswald this week. I have no idea how old they are, but they’re like 29 and 30 cents so I’ll use two. So Grandma, I’m sending a letter and if it doesn’t get there well, tell me, since I don’t know if they still accept them!
Crazy story during RS yesterday. This lady, Hna Escobar was sitting there, started coughing, and spit water and started choking. She is like 80 years old, and the class stopped for awhile. It was super intense. They took her out into the hall, and she came back after a few minutes. The water went down the wrong pipe is all. I’m glad she’s ok, she’s so fragile!
Other random contact this week–someone’s bunny escaped and there was a little kid and the babysitter playing with it. While petting the bunny we talked to the lady. Sadly it didn’t amount to much but it was super random.
And we’re planning a talent show! Did I mention that all the Elders stayed the same? So E. Reisner and Markham are in their third transfer together, and 2 for E. Mendoza and Knapp. So we are partying it up in Rimgrove! We’re having fun planning these awesome activities where people can invite their friends. Taco night we’ll get a few referrals from that and I imagine the same for this one. Sadly it’s the last week of the transfer!! So that night will be another tense night. Since our whole district more or less stayed the same, the next one will be way different! And almost every Hermana is going to be training. Dahhh! Probably half in new areas. Dahhhh! So we’ll see what happens!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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