Week 18

Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a good Valentine’s day!!
I’m in Rimgrove again!! This transfer I’m with Hermana LaPierre, who was Hermana Connelly’s trainer which is so cool! She’s from Boston, and her dad is going to be a Mission President!! I’m way excited to get things going here. We have a lot of good things coming!! First is Juan’s baptism!!! I’m so excited for it, he’s so excited too. We have two lessons left and about two weeks until his baptism! Things are coming along!
So remember last week with the soda story? Guess what happened again?!?! A soda can was sitting on our desk and H, Jardon knocked it over and it exploded. It didn’t even touch anything, just the table! So it was going everywhere and I grabbed it and aimed it into the sink and threw it out. Then we cleaned it and left for a meeting. It was hilarious though, when we came back I realized there was a ton of soda in random places like on our heater, the wall, our area book, everywhere. It was so bad!
I also had an exchange this last week. It was pretty good, I was with a girl who’s been here less time than I have! We were in my area, and I took the lead. One of the people we met, Eric, I was super excited with him. Like overexcited, and I think I scared everyone, it was hilarious.
We had our noche de tacos! We had quite a few members and their friends come. During the night I got to play piano again during the tour. We had some of the ladies in the ward pick songs and they sung, specifically How Firm a Foundation.
I have to go soon! Only an hour on the computer is not enough (especially when the people next to you are talking to you!) I know this church is true! I’m way excited to be sharing this gospel, and I am learning so much. I can tell I’m coming more unto Christ, especially in ways I can’t even see. I hople everyone reading has been doing what they need to–reading the scriptures, going to church, praying etc. It’s a lot more important than you know!
Have a good week! Love,
Hermana Laura Johnson

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