Week 17 Blessings

In case you didn’t know, sometimes Heavenly Father blesses you in really strange ways… And yes there is an accompanying story.
Here’s the story for the week. One lady in our ward fell pretty badly, so we went to visit her. We ended up staying for lunch since she was cooking. H. Jardon went to the bathroom and loved her towels (they had an anime dog on them). She asked the lady where she got them since they were so adorable. Since she got them from the second hand store she told us we could keep one for each of us.
Half an hour later, we left and in the car I heard something rolling around. After we stopped, I pulled out a tupperware container, and I thought that was it, just coming out from its spot. I pushed it back under the seat, but as it turns out there was something else under there that I could hear. I reached down and pulled out a can of soda that I had just barely punctured with the other container. I didn’t realize it was spraying soda, and I accidentally directed it straight onto my face. Full on spray. Well, luckily I had the towel at hand and dried my face. For the next couple hours, I was still laughing about it (whenever I touched my sticky face since I had to wait a little bit to get to a sink). So random.
Also this week, there was a funny incident. We stopped in a neighborhood, in the car, to write thank you cards. We were there for a little bit when this lady came out. She stood in her yard for a while watching us. It was creepy but we didn’t do anything about it. Then she called out more people her son and daughters. Then the son came up to my window and asked us, all tough, “Can I help you?” I just looked at him and told him that we were writing thank you cards and even showed him. Then he walked away. It was so weird. H. Jardon wanted me to say that we were the Dea (immigration) or ask him if the little white girl in a skirt threatening him. Seriously like I’m able to do anything…
In other news, our old investigator Christian is back, doing great with a baptismal date! And Juan has a baptismal date too! And they’re both so excited for it.
Oh yeah! So also weird blessing. We had a bag of food by our door to give to the Elders but I totally walked around it somehow and forgot it. So we had it in our car Sunday. We went to see our investigator and he doesn’t have much food. Coincidence that I somehow missed the food when we were seeing the Elders? No! Blessing for our investigator!
And this is the last week of the transfer! We think H. Jardon is leaving but who knows! I’m excited whatever ends up happening!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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