Week 19

Dear everyone,
I have my FIRST BAPTISM in a week!! Wooohooo! It’s awesome. Juan is getting baptized for real!! He’s excited, but a little nervous at the same time. It’ll be great though! I’ll send pictures of that ASAP.
And we had this amazing contact on Saturday. Seriously amazing! He was totally not interested, we were 10 seconds from leaving when I told him he reminded me of Juan R (they both live with their sisters, work with metal etc). And coincidentally this guy’s name is Juan also… I mentioned how Juan R. has changed so much, used to smoke, drink, didn’t care, and now he is totally different. Well after that, he told us to come back because he was indeed very interested, he wants the same change. We got in the car, and screamed, we were so happy! The next day he even called us! It was amazing!!! If Juan R. was so perfect, I am hoping for a similar thing with Juan.
I got some super old stamps from Oswald this week. I have no idea how old they are, but they’re like 29 and 30 cents so I’ll use two. So Grandma, I’m sending a letter and if it doesn’t get there well, tell me, since I don’t know if they still accept them!
Crazy story during RS yesterday. This lady, Hna Escobar was sitting there, started coughing, and spit water and started choking. She is like 80 years old, and the class stopped for awhile. It was super intense. They took her out into the hall, and she came back after a few minutes. The water went down the wrong pipe is all. I’m glad she’s ok, she’s so fragile!
Other random contact this week–someone’s bunny escaped and there was a little kid and the babysitter playing with it. While petting the bunny we talked to the lady. Sadly it didn’t amount to much but it was super random.
And we’re planning a talent show! Did I mention that all the Elders stayed the same? So E. Reisner and Markham are in their third transfer together, and 2 for E. Mendoza and Knapp. So we are partying it up in Rimgrove! We’re having fun planning these awesome activities where people can invite their friends. Taco night we’ll get a few referrals from that and I imagine the same for this one. Sadly it’s the last week of the transfer!! So that night will be another tense night. Since our whole district more or less stayed the same, the next one will be way different! And almost every Hermana is going to be training. Dahhh! Probably half in new areas. Dahhhh! So we’ll see what happens!
Hermana Laura Johnson

Week 18

Hey everyone!!! I hope you all had a good Valentine’s day!!
I’m in Rimgrove again!! This transfer I’m with Hermana LaPierre, who was Hermana Connelly’s trainer which is so cool! She’s from Boston, and her dad is going to be a Mission President!! I’m way excited to get things going here. We have a lot of good things coming!! First is Juan’s baptism!!! I’m so excited for it, he’s so excited too. We have two lessons left and about two weeks until his baptism! Things are coming along!
So remember last week with the soda story? Guess what happened again?!?! A soda can was sitting on our desk and H, Jardon knocked it over and it exploded. It didn’t even touch anything, just the table! So it was going everywhere and I grabbed it and aimed it into the sink and threw it out. Then we cleaned it and left for a meeting. It was hilarious though, when we came back I realized there was a ton of soda in random places like on our heater, the wall, our area book, everywhere. It was so bad!
I also had an exchange this last week. It was pretty good, I was with a girl who’s been here less time than I have! We were in my area, and I took the lead. One of the people we met, Eric, I was super excited with him. Like overexcited, and I think I scared everyone, it was hilarious.
We had our noche de tacos! We had quite a few members and their friends come. During the night I got to play piano again during the tour. We had some of the ladies in the ward pick songs and they sung, specifically How Firm a Foundation.
I have to go soon! Only an hour on the computer is not enough (especially when the people next to you are talking to you!) I know this church is true! I’m way excited to be sharing this gospel, and I am learning so much. I can tell I’m coming more unto Christ, especially in ways I can’t even see. I hople everyone reading has been doing what they need to–reading the scriptures, going to church, praying etc. It’s a lot more important than you know!
Have a good week! Love,
Hermana Laura Johnson

Week 17 Blessings

In case you didn’t know, sometimes Heavenly Father blesses you in really strange ways… And yes there is an accompanying story.
Here’s the story for the week. One lady in our ward fell pretty badly, so we went to visit her. We ended up staying for lunch since she was cooking. H. Jardon went to the bathroom and loved her towels (they had an anime dog on them). She asked the lady where she got them since they were so adorable. Since she got them from the second hand store she told us we could keep one for each of us.
Half an hour later, we left and in the car I heard something rolling around. After we stopped, I pulled out a tupperware container, and I thought that was it, just coming out from its spot. I pushed it back under the seat, but as it turns out there was something else under there that I could hear. I reached down and pulled out a can of soda that I had just barely punctured with the other container. I didn’t realize it was spraying soda, and I accidentally directed it straight onto my face. Full on spray. Well, luckily I had the towel at hand and dried my face. For the next couple hours, I was still laughing about it (whenever I touched my sticky face since I had to wait a little bit to get to a sink). So random.
Also this week, there was a funny incident. We stopped in a neighborhood, in the car, to write thank you cards. We were there for a little bit when this lady came out. She stood in her yard for a while watching us. It was creepy but we didn’t do anything about it. Then she called out more people her son and daughters. Then the son came up to my window and asked us, all tough, “Can I help you?” I just looked at him and told him that we were writing thank you cards and even showed him. Then he walked away. It was so weird. H. Jardon wanted me to say that we were the Dea (immigration) or ask him if the little white girl in a skirt threatening him. Seriously like I’m able to do anything…
In other news, our old investigator Christian is back, doing great with a baptismal date! And Juan has a baptismal date too! And they’re both so excited for it.
Oh yeah! So also weird blessing. We had a bag of food by our door to give to the Elders but I totally walked around it somehow and forgot it. So we had it in our car Sunday. We went to see our investigator and he doesn’t have much food. Coincidence that I somehow missed the food when we were seeing the Elders? No! Blessing for our investigator!
And this is the last week of the transfer! We think H. Jardon is leaving but who knows! I’m excited whatever ends up happening!
Hermana Laura Johnson

Week 16 The 4 month mark

So yesterday I hit my 4 month mark. So I’ve actually been in CA the same time as the MTC at this point. Woohoo!
Anyways, what’s up? This week has been good for us!
Funniest part of the week– (And this is indeed the intro I used with our less Active Oswaldo) “Speaking of worms (we were just barely talking about them), guess what H. Jardon ate today?!?” On Saturday H. Jardon ate a worm!!!!! It was disgusting and so random. We were at the park with the other Elders playing soccer with investigators. We stopped to sit down and one of the little girls pulled out a worm. The Elders jokingly said $50 if she would do it. They were 100% sure she wouldn’t, except that the bribe was high enough that she actually did. Then they asked if she chewed it, which she didn’t, she just swallowed it, so they tried to negate the bribe!! Those Elders!
This week we had a lot of dinners… Too many of them and they always came back to back! So this honestly has been the first week I haven’t been able to finish meals. When it’s sit down I clean my plate (unless it’s a party where nobody watches/cares). For like 5 straight meals I haven’t been able to!! And the members notice and tell me that I don’t have to finish the food which is totally sad. That’s so unnormal for Hispanic culture.
Also, funny food story from the week. On Saturday we visited Christian and Paola right when they were having dinner. They invited us to come and enjoy the food, so we did. We had meat, salsa, tortillas, and coke (eww). When Maritza, their friend, cut up the chilis to put in the salsa she was crying it was so picante, just from cutting them. So me, I just ate the salsa on the tortillas. I just had a couple bites and it was fine. On the third bite I felt it, it was super spicy! In fact, I started crying it was so spicy. They then taught me how to deal with it, I got a pinch of salt and swallowed that, and lots of water. I always thought water made it worse, but apparently not? Or maybe just with the salt it doesn’t. But it was hilarious. It took a little bit to calm down, and I just laughed for a few minutes before I could stop. It was too funny. Apparently you’re supposed to eat it with the meat as well! Now I know.
Also our complex is a construction zone. New roofing, so that was fun to study to for like 10 minutes. The lights shook and went on and off and dust fell all over us. So we left for the church after that.
Much Love!
Hermana Laura Johnson