Week 15

Hola everyone!
So our investigator Juan, that I’ve mentioned before is doing awesome. He’s been reading, and praying. He told us that he thinks his prayers are being answered and he is being protected. He said he knew this because of the two times he hasn’t gotten pulled over for one of his tail lights not working. It’s a random example, but truely it is one. He also told us that, the Book of Mormon could not have been written by just a man…. Yes!!!! He’s totally getting it!! He just has to stop being busy (going out of town, and going to a wedding) and come to church. He is so great though, seriously he is.
There’s this investigator, Huilario (Hilario?), anyways, him. We got him as a referral from Mexico via text (he put his own name as the referral). As it turns out, he was still in Mexico when we first contacted at his house, one day later. When he got back, we went by his house. He was busy but told us to come back the next week (this past Tuesday). An hour after we saw him, the English Elders called us. Apparently half an hour after us, they went and contacted him too! They gave him a Book of Mormon but they wanted us to go see him since he only speaks Spanish. When they said that, we just laughed, and explained we already had met him. I’m not sure how all the confusion happened but it was funny.
We are planning for a really exciting Taco night! It’s in February, right at the end of this transfer. We are hoping for a lot of people to come. To get their tacos, they first have to go on a tour. It’s a big party to set up for, so we’re starting already. We are lining up people to cook the meat, give the tours, and provide raffle items. It will be so fun!
This week I was obligated to eat fish… There were two chilis stuffed with tuna. The first one was totally fine, but the second one was super spicy, and with the tuna, I about had it. I somehow managed to eat the whole thing and keep it down (though I was about 5 seconds from the alternative).
Cool story, so we went to Panera for dinner last week. We were sitting there when a couple came up to us. They’re from the English Stake. They told us how they work to help people with addictions overcome them. In the Spanish Stakes, we don’t have those callings, so it was pretty cool that we “just happened” to run into them. Really, it’s God’s hand in all things. ‘
On Saturday we went to Hometown Buffet for breakfast/lunch. I love breakfast food!! I had two plates of pancakes and french toast and all sorts. And the saddest part of all of it? I totally forgot about cinnamon rolls?!?! I saw some there, and realized that I haven’t had or thought about them in months. And it was so delicious! Seriously, this whole forgetting things that I love is super strange. Oh well!
Much love,
Hermana Johnson

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