Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
I have done lots of fun things lately so this will be exciting!
Christmas Eve we had a district gift exchange. Some Elders got H. Poulton a ton of shoes that were all found by the dumpster?! I got Disney Princess themed things including a bubble wand and pens. Then we went to a dinner at the Gonzales house. They own a restaurant and they fed us lots of delicious things. The only thing was… they plates were monsterous and completely packed. They gave us steak that was two inches thick! Maybe closer to 2 1/2! Then cheesecake… Then we sang them carols and it was actually hard to sing on such a full stomach. Then they gave us stockings which was super cute, and we all shared favorite scripture stories. My favorite Abinidi, was the first one mentioned so I talked about Ammon.
On Christmas we woke up and immediately opened our presents. We were all in our own little world for it because we didn’t have to open presents one by one like at home. Some members gave us stuff which was way cute! We went to the Gonzales for breakfast as well which was super fun. Then we visited Christian and Paola. Paola got a pink pellet gun for Christmas so we shot some cans (pretty sure that’s against the rules…). I even hit the can a couple times, and once it went completely through it. We visited an elderly couple. Then we visited the Mares family to skype. It was fun talking to family and seeing everyone. Then we went to our investigator’s house, Rafael and his two daughters. They fed us and we talked and they gave us presents. They’re so cute! We want them to be baptized so bad! Then we saw H. Jardon’s family that live in our area. They’re like her aunt’s cousins or something, but it was fun. Both Christmas Eve and Christmas were super long and way fun because of the members!!
On Friday we went to visit the Borrayos, the mom is the Primary President. It was really nice, they asked for our help to bake chocolate chip cookies. They can never get them to turn out soft, so H. Poulton and I used our store of cookie knowledge to help. And they turned out perfect. We gave a thought about increasing your light, the light of Christ. I put my two cents in about missionary work and we asked if there was anyone she knows who might need to hear our message. She gave us seven people! Seven!!! A few of them really sound promising two. One already has come to church this last month and some have had family problems that could really benefit from the gospel.
On Saturday we went to a baptism so H. Poulton could play. On the way there we found a restaurant, The Hat and ordered chili cheese fries. They were delicious but such a mess, and not healthy at all. The baptism was really nice, in this cool building that looks like a cathedral. Then we had two dinners. One at Golden Corral! Rafael invited us and the girls were so excited. Paola insisted we say a prayer, even without our mentioning it. Apparently she always reminds them before meals which is so cute. Then we went to the Elders’ Quorum President’s house as soon as our first dinner ended. It was actually not that bad. The fifteen minutes in the car settled my stomach enough to eat ribs!
Yesterday we taught about the law of chastity to our investigator Christian. At the end he asked us what it meant to us in a surprisingly direct manner. There was this moment when we talked about the blessings of this law and it was really amazing. We are such wonderful, and amazing beings. We have been given the ability to procreate by God but only to be used in the sanctity of marriage. We talked about how when it is under those terms, everything means so much more, and it is something worth waiting for. We also went up to Arcadia to do FHE with President Becerra. It was a music one, and since H. Poulton plays the piano we got to go so she could perform. They had two kids Rachel and Peter Moogimachu(?). They have been on the Jay Leno Show and so they were incredible. They are 8 and 11 and they regularly play Mozart and Chopin and all sorts… from memory. It was incredible! Their parents are amazing too, an ER doctor and hand surgeon. They just have to get the dad to convert and they are set!
Anyways, I hope you all had a good Christmas and felt of the joy. I get to bring that joy to people all year round! I am so thrilled for this opportunity and I love the gospel and know it to be true.
Love you all, and to all going to BYU next week, good luck with the first day of the semester!
Hermana Laura Johnson

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