Week 11: Twas the week before Christmas

Hola todas las personas!
So I don’t really know what has happened this week, nothing too interesting though. I’m currently looking within my journal for the exciting things. It’s actually sad that I can’t remember what’s happened lately, oh well. And on that, my memories of things before my mission is slowly fading. It’s going to be fun to remember everything later.
First up–We did a ton of service this week. We took down branches from a couple trees at the Bishop’s house, and eventually took them down right to the trunk. We also helped to make boxes with canned food for needy people in the area. The ward needed a lot of help so we stayed and then delivered boxes for almost the whole day.
We also have eaten a lot of food lately… Like a lot. Everyone seems to think we’re starving, so they give us a lot and then ask if we want more. Yesterday this happened, then the family asked if we wanted leftovers. It was great though, we ate at two and I didn’t even have to eat dinner, lunch lasted me all night. And same thing with this week. We have been asked by so many what we are doing for Christmas because they all want to feed us. But tonight we’re going to eat with a family that owns a restaurant, so it will be delicious, then tomorrow, breakfast with them. Then we’re going to dinner with the Mares family, and then another dinner with one of our investigator families, the Hernandez family!
The Hernandez family is a dad and his two daughters. He is such a great dad. They are so sweet! They invited us for Christmas, and later this week for dinner again. They came to church yesterday and we were just so excited. They are usually tired and even our calling them didn’t wake them up, but when they woke up, they came and heard us sing in the choir. We sang ‘Jesus en Pesebre’, or ‘Away in a Manger’. The choir was great, one thing- Hispanics, like I said last week can’t sing too well. There were a couple ladies who somehow sounded like cats singing though. But it was still a great song.
This week was Elder Reisner’s birthday, our district leader. So we went out to eat at Olive Garden. It was super fun. My companions stayed up to write a weird poem to him. The Hermanas went to the bathroom and apparently they went crazy with H. Poulton’s camera. When we got home, we saw all these weird pictures of their nasty, hairy legs. And today we found more of them making weird faces at the camera. And E. Reisner and E. Markham can make some weiiiiird faces.
So last Saturday night E. Reisner left his coat in our trunk. We then sprayed it with perfume and stuck it in a bag so that the scent wouldn’t be able to escape and would stay in the fibers. Well… apparently he smells a lot like girl when he wears it and it won’t go away. He brings it up everytime he sees us. I think it’s hilarious. Apparently he and his companion E. Markham will forget about it, then get all confused because they don’t see any girls. Then they realize it’s just E. Reisner. He wore it in someone’s car and they were all guys, so he felt super weird about it. 
Yesterday we taught a girl, Yesse. We knocked on her door to borrow a pen, but I remembered she was taught by the missionaries at one point. So we decided to talk to her aboutmormon.org. H. Jardon asked after if she remembered the website, and she didn’t. So she told her to get paper. Yesse said she didn’t have any. Funny thing, the entire time she had a napkin plugged up her nose. H. Jardon gestured to the napkin and said she could use that if she couldn’t find any. It was just ridiculous and somehow we didn’t burst out laughing until later. In the end we were invited in and we have another appointment with her this week.
Last P-day was crazy (as they all are). We took a zillion hours to print pictures, and we hadn’t eaten at around 4. So we went to the church building and decided to break into our food that we had just bought. We first went with cereal but there weren’t bowls so we had it in cups. Then we were just too hungry, so we ate a rotisserie chicken in about ten minutes. We were starving!
Anyways, I’m really excited for Christmas! This has been a great time to teach. We have met like two people who want to hear our Christmas message. This time makes me reflect on what I have and what I’m doing here. I am bringing people to the knowledge of Heavenly Father’s plan for them, and how they can return to him. I really see the difference this knowledge has had in my life. I know that this church is true and through Christ, all of us can become the people we want to become, and who Christ knows we can become. I love this gospel and I’m glad I am doing His work.
Hermana Laura Johnson



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