Week 10 Christmas Parties

So this week was fun. On Friday we had both our Mission Christmas party and ward one. The Mission party was so much fun. H Poulton played this crazy piano piece she used for a recital. We were in the talent show as back up dancers to E Risner. He sang a song called Mormon Rap and we did some crazy dance moves behind him. We also decided to have ribbon dancers so it was just ridiculous. In the ward talent show we had three different costumes. First fish, then shepards, then snowmen. Those snowmen outfits are insane. I don’t even need to explain, just look at the picture. Everyone wanted to take pictures with us because who ever sees people who dress up like that? It was weird for sure. At the same time, it was great, something hilarious right?
Sunday they had no speakers planned. So they asked the missionaries to speak. Instead we ended up deciding to do a musical number. They usually never have people who can play piano, or have good voices here so it was not normal for a musical number. H Poulton played and H Jardon and I sang. With five minutes to practice we picked a song that was too high for H Jardon– I Know that My Redeemer Lives. She could do the second half, but not the first. So since we had little time to change songs, I sang a solo for the first half of the two verses we sang. As I was singing, I realized that a lot of people in the congregation were crying. That was totally a new experience to witness. It was funny afterwards because one of our investigators, Christian said that H Jardon could be a rapper and that’s how she sounded.
We cleaned someone’s backyard. There was this thing stuck in the ground I dug out. It was huge and we couldn’t figure out what it was until it was out. It was actually a car battery! H Poulton said that I looked like Joseph Smith, digging up the gold plates because they were the perfect size and weight.
Also I have 100% realized how awkward I am on the phone. We tried calling people to ask if they wanted to hear a Christmas message and it just didn’t work. Half of them are English, the other half Spanish so I never know what language to use, and they just hang up. And leaving a message?? I just sound like a voice recording advertising something.
We decided to go carolling and found some interested people. One gave us cinnamon tea (just cinnamon in water–really good with little effort), and bread. His name is Francisco and he sounds really ready.
One of our investigators can’t go to church because her sick husband needs a lot of support. So in our lesson, I brought up blessings for the sick. So he might get one this week. That was pretty exciting to bring that up, I felt like I really contributed that, whereas usually I don’t know what’s going on and say nothing. She sounded interested so we’ll see what happens.
Oh I didn’t even mention the finger! Tuesday some kid cut off the tip of his finger when a door shut (right to where the bone started). It was during a RS dinner and it was crazy. We came out in the hall and there was blood everywhere since he ran around after it happened. So we freaked out about it and cleaned up. H Poulton prayed not to dream about fingers being cut off. It is firmly in my memory. They found the tip, it was the size of a bean!
Anyways gotta go!
Love everyone!
Hermana Laura JohnsonImageImage

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