Week 9 Arriving in Arcadia

Hola amigos y familia!
So it’s been awhile since I wrote. So much has happened but not much all at the same time.
Did I say that we changed classrooms? Well we did and it was HOT in there. At one point we were just all out of it, we were fed up and tired and then a fly came in the room. Everyone went crazy, we were just over the edge. Hermana Billings stood on a chair and jumped and smashed the fly on the ceiling. The fly was stuck to the ceiling though, so there’s a present for the new class… And two seconds later they opened the blinds and a fly flew out. Elder Reinhardt tried to kill it on the window and it took about ten tries. It was crazy.
We had a class lesson to Angel about his baptism. We asked him if he wanted to share his testimony after baptism and he was apprehensive so Elder Crane said to Angel, “Tiene un bonita testimonio.” Meaning you have a pretty testimony except not even gramatically correct. Yeah would that calm someone’s fears? Not really sure.
Our last Sunday was fast Sunday. Our district sang God be with you til we meet again (but in Spanish). It was good. We all ended up bearing our testimonies and it was such a spiritual meeting. Even some of the Elders cried, only Elder Brueggeman from our district though. It was heartwarming. The other Elders are practically emotionless, they haven’t cried in like 6 years!! Who does that?!? They think it’s all manly…. Oh well. No emotions is just weird. The departing devotional was good. All of the MTC presidency knew our district by then so they talked to us before we left. They said the MTC would miss us but we would do a lot of good in our respective areas.
So I guess I should talk about California… Well I’m here! We met our mission president and his wife and went to the mission office. They gave us paperwork, lunch and actually let us take naps. Hermana Connelly spilled her soy sauce all over me as a goodbye. Hermana Connelly and I slept in the Mother’s room which was actually not the best. The chairs were not good to sleep in so I slept on the floor. Then we met our companions. Well I’m in a trio! My companions are Hermanas Jardon and Poulton. Hermana Jardon is a native Spanish speaker from… Canada? And Hermana Poulton is from Bountiful, UT and is actually going to Malaga,Spain but is waiting on her visa so she could leave at any time. They have only been out here a few months, so they’re pretty new too. I’m in an area called Rimgrove, which is exciting. We got lost going home, and have since gotten lost a few times. I even have to drive which is dumb but at least they’re directing me. It’s perfect weather here. I just have my cardigan and that is perfect all day.
Well my first lesson here went alright. It was actually with a recent convert, Charlize, and was half in English, which I liked. The lessons are kind of confusing. I can kind of follow along what’s happening but I get confused. And especially with conversations not about the gospel, I don’t know what is going on.
We talked with a guy that looked to be homeless, though isn’t. He did try and run a homeless shelter from his home though. He thought we were Jehovah’s witnesses. He just kept talking and talking about all sorts of religions it was crazy.
We are in a play for the ward Christmas party. It’s crazy dance moves, that go with this ridiculous music. I’ll have to send a picture sometime. We are wearing top hats and possibly snowman outfits. It includes all of my district, which is the missionaries in my ward. We have three sets of missionaries!
We have been meeting with a guy named Victor. I don’t know his full story but he found the missionaries on the street and thought there was something different about them. They have told him what he needs to do to change but he doesn’t but he wants to keep meeting with us. So it’s interesting. We met three times this week, including once at a gas station. Our last lesson, yesterday was at the church. We need him to commit to a baptism date so we can have a definite timeline for him. Well I read D&C 121:8 about how hard times will only be for a short time. And Hermana Poulton read about patience because for him, change is hard. After a few tears from all the sisters, he told us he would definitely do more. Then later in the day we got a text saying he’s ready to change and we just have to help him. So I really hope things keep going well with him.
Another investigator is named Marta. I asked her to be baptized and she said yes, but didn’t commit to a date exactly. She has a really sick husband who is against the church from what it sounds like. But she is pretty great. She loved everything we had to say and was excited to learn more.
We’re teaching a boy, Christian. He’s great and his sister is a member though not active. He always wants to watch movies though. I think he needs to better understand why we come. But he does have a baptism date, December 23rd which is coming up quick. We also teach him English and he has a funny accent.
Also I had a dog jump all over me on Saturday. Why do people like dogs?!? He got me all dirty and my companions so we all had to change. It was funny but gross all at the same time.
Oh our address for letters only (packages to mission office)
Hermana Laura Johnson
511 Sunset Avenue #12
La Puente, CA 91744
This address is not permanent. So keep that in mind. Just use the mission office (W Duarte Road) if concerned it might not get to me.
Well I have no more time. Eventually I’ll send pictures.
Much love,
Hermana Laura Johnson



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