Week 8

Hola todos!

Well… I have THREE DAYS! It’s crazy. We had in-field orientation yesterday which was so fun. And I am pumped and ready to leave the MTC prison!

OK first order of business. If you want to write me, it costs to send a Dear Elder to CA. So options:
1. Write me via snail mail! My address is
Sister Laura Johnson
California Arcadia Mission
170 W Duarte Road
Arcadia, CA 91007

The thing is, this is just the mission home. They used to forward the mail to our apartments but the post office doesn’t want to do that anymore. Next week when I get to CA I will get my address and they say we can give out our apartment address and people can send mail there directly. So you can do either. 

2. You can write me via Dear Elder and pay the same as snail mail! No change there.

3. You can email me johnson.laura@myldsmail.net But there is a problem. I can only respond to family by email. So if you do this, just make sure to put your address.

Moving on!

Last Sunday I spoke in church! In Spanish! It was actually pretty good. I talked about the Book of Mormon. It was basically why we need to share the importance of our message. It is people’s salvation! The difference between living in God’s presence, with their families, or not! We need to share it!

So not too much happened this week. We moved classrooms so our whole floor could be turned into women’s dorms! It will be crazy in another month! We are now in a ghetto building that is super hot and has tiny desks. Not so fun. It also feels like it is half the size of our previous classroom. We’re happy that we’re just here a few days.

Hilarious moment. Hermano Gunter was explaining something to the Elders so he told the sisters to be quiet and we sat there doing our work. We have these mini whiteboards to use in class. Elder Christensen wanted one and Hermana Connelly finished with hers. She told him she was going to throw it, and for some reason he looked down and started writing or something?! So the whiteboard was in the air when he looked down and it loudly smacked him right on the head. Hermano Gunter was at the board, and he turned around and asked who was throwing things. Hermana Connelly acknowledged it was her. His response was hilarious, he said, “Ok sisters, you don’t have to be quiet if you stop throwing things!!!” 

Another funny thing. So I like to say that things are cute. Especially the last few months. So we said it in English a lot but I wanted to know in Spanish. I asked a teacher and all the Elders said, “It’s a trap!!” But he told me anyways. The word is lindo/a depending on the gender. Well Elder Reinhardt has had some problems (hemmeroids–whatever there’s no spell check and I can’t speak English anymore) and had to go to the hospital. He met an old lady named Linda. He asked her, “Did you know your name means cute in Spanish?” I about died. That is soooo awkward/hilarious. He’s a missionary! And that was pretty much a pick-up line. Plus it was an old lady. Pretty awkward situation.

Hermana Connelly dared me to be part of a demonstration. So I did it. I had to get an egg through a glass jar with a small spout. Everyone knows that one, put in a lit match and the oxygen gets used by the fire and so the air pressure forces the egg into the jar. Or maybe just nerds like me know that. Anyways it relates to the gospel! It may seem impossible but it can happen! We just have to know what to do to get it to work. We have to pray, fast, read the scriptures, and anything else that will lead us to the answer. There will be plenty of times that this happens to me. I won’t know what to do but I will have to find a way. “I will go and do!”

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the crying at every spiritual thing…. Yeah I’m at the MTC so it’s kind of bad. I’ve always been this way so it’s not entirely a shock. I don’t know what my class thinks though. I know our Branch President mentioned it and said that at least it’s never for anything bad… Hermana Billings said that if she’s about to cry she just thinks of me and how I just sit there and cry, without embarrassment, and thinks that if I cry in front of everyone, it’s okay for her, which is good? Seriously every Sunday, it’s so spiritual here and I usually cry at something. On Tuesdays we have TRC, which are straight spiritual messages with members and I cry half the time, and then Tuesdays we have devotionals and I cry at some point every other week or so. Not so much in our lessons though, I have cried in front of each of our investigators once when it was just super emotional but not so much. Oh and when we watch Mormon messages? Almost always. 

Put up the link for Good things to come from Elder Holland, every time I at least have one tear. And I’ve watched it at least 4 times since I’ve been here. Okay this seriously is the best message if you are having a hard time. If you don’t feel like you can move forward in your life, or aren’t sure that God answers your prayers and brings the answers you think you deserve. Just wait. The gospel message is one of happiness. Those who do embrace it will be blessed no matter what. It doesn’t mean you won’t have hard times, it just means you will be able to get through them and learn the lessons associated with them. Those trials will make you who you are, they will shape you into a better person if you are willing to have a good attitude about them. And my favorite line from the message, “Some blessings come early, some blessings come late and some don’t come ’til Heaven. But with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they will come.” I know this is true. Heavenly Father will give us the blessings that come when we follow Him.

Well time’s up!

Love everyone!
Hermana Laura Johnson




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