Week 7 Thanksgiving

Hola! Happy Thanksgiving!!

This email will mostly be about Thanksgiving since there was a lot of action yesterday.

Oh guess how many days I have left!?! I have NINE full days here! I leave next Tuesday at 5 in the morning! I get to the Ontario, CA airport at 9:35 AM and so that will be a LONG day!

Also Hermana Prestwich left today for the Dominican Republic MTC. So that was pretty sad.

Ok, Thanksgiving. The first big thing was a devotional. We knew it was supposed to be an apostle, we just didn’t know which one. My guess was Elder Holland, and…. I WAS RIGHT! It was so awesome! His family came and he had his grandkids perform and bear testimonies for us. One of the funniest parts of her granddaughter’s testimony was that he didn’t necessarily hint to his granddaughter but slyly told her to start her mission papers a little early because sometimes it takes people a long time to get everything done (she doesn’t turn 21 until May). Then when she found out about the age change she had them in pretty quick. He talked about how amazing it is that we were all born in this dispensation. The Prophet Joseph Smith is the prophet that should change our lives the most, second to Jesus Christ. We owe him everything. Everything we have, are and can become.

After Devotional, we had Thanksgiving lunch. We had it as our main meal so people could go home and eat dinner with their families. The turkey was good, but everything else tasted mass produced. Like the potatoes were boxed, stuffing was gross, and rolls were storebought. Kind of disappointing. But I did have two pieces of pie, chocolate chip cookie pie and apple. Those were good. And we got sack dinners, sandwiches, chips, drinks and fruit or cookies. Yep it’s the life.

After lunch we went back to the auditorium (gym) and had a presentation on the service we would be doing. We then had a fun Thanksgiving presentation including a play. And guess who was part of the play!? My zone! I was an Indian princess. I had a cool headband, necklace and bracelet. We raised one of our arms and said, “How!” It was funny because Hermana Billings kept wanting to say “Como”. We did it once then President Hacking did the whole play a second time but really fast. We sang favorite hymns and had some musical numbers which were pretty fantastic.

Our district is also super cute (lindo districto). On Tuesdays we have a devotional review with the Branch Presidency. One of our elders suggested we do the same thing but just the eight of us. We walked up to the temple and sat on benches and talked about what we liked from Elder Holland’s talk. It was adorbs. He said that, “Heaven can’t even be fully complete, even for God, when a lot of his family is missing.” I think that is pretty cool.

Hermana Snow’s birthday was yesterday as well! We ate our sack dinners in the room and ate sugar cookies with frosting her sister sent. And there were even crowns and noise makers, and the cutest sign saying Happy birthday she put on her bed.

Then we did a service project, making educational kits, and watched 17 miracles. I just love that movie. Watch it if you haven’t yet, or just watch it again. Basically Thanksgiving was really awesome.

We finally got a baptism date for Rancho. We barely teach anymore, we have a ton of subs, so the one day we taught we made sure to get a definite day set.

Quick story. At dinner the other day, Hermana Connelly got up to get something. She got her ID card caught behind me. The ID cards are on these strings so you can keep them on your skirt (since we don’t have pockets usually). She walked a couple feet away and I noticed her card behind me. I turned around to look at her and it flew out from behind me and smacked her in the back. She thought someone had punched her or hit her so she looked in all directions. Our whole district watched it happen and we pretty much died laughing. Another table by us watched too. She was a tiny bit embarrassed but it was so hilarious and luckily she realized that and wasn’t too upset, more confused than anything else.

Well that’s all I got for today.

Love you all!
Hermana Johnson


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