Week Five

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty exciting. We’ve been here five weeks! We’re over halfway done. In fact on Tuesday it’s three weeks!

On Sunday we had mission conference. President Brown picks a couple people to bear testimony, which we didn’t know, and he picked two people from our district! In front of the whole MTC! Hermana Billings and Elder Christensen. We decided we shouldn’t sit by him at meals anymore! Actually he picked Elder Christensen partly because his dad works here, and we don’t think he realized the two he picked were from the same district. But basically we decided it means we’re the BEST district in the MTC.

We were missing our FHE this week so we had one in our room. We had popcorn, sang The Armies of Helaman, and had a lesson. It was awesome. It felt like girls’ camp. I wanted to hold hands and sway during our song haha.

For TRC this week, we taught an 18 year old girl who was wondering about going on a mission. It was so cool! We told her why we’re here on missions and basically that if she wants to go she should. I specifically said that once she gets an answer to follow it. I’ve seen a couple of people who try and fight it, and that just doesn’t work. That decision will basically follow you until you decide just to do what you need to do. I really hope she decides to go! It is awesome!

We’ve started this thing where we play investigators for a set of missionaries in the class. Mine is based off a friend from HS. It’s going pretty good. Apparently the other groups have issues staying in character but I was told that I should be an actress I was so good. Seriously though, I’m glad we’re taking it seriously. We get so much more out of it. 

This week Hermana Connelly was made Coordinating Sister for the zone. So basically she just participates in Branch meetings and informs the Branch how the Hermanas are doing. It was so weird though, because during her meetings I had to walk around without her. We went up to the temple and ate dinner without her. So strange.

So we all heard about the election. Everyone was talking about it. We then had our regular ask questions, about anything gospel related, to Hermano Christofferson session. This week it was on the end of the world…. I’m not really sure why everyone assumes it’s the end of the world just since Romney didn’t win. My opinion is that because everyone is guessing that, it’s not super likely… Hermano Christofferson likes to say, “Those who know don’t tell, and those who tell don’t know.” That’s in reference to instances where people see Christ but I think it’s the same. Nobody knows the time of the Lord’s coming, period. It could be in our lifetime, maybe not. I’m just not worrying about it. How was the response at BYU? Anna, Kaitlyn, Hannah, Sarah… etc. I’m sure it was very interesting. I also thought it was funny because we knew absolutely nothing about the election but we talked about it the whole day.

This week Hermana Connelly got these weird gummy snacks in the shape of Snoopy. She decided to dare someone to eat them all. But since we were speaking Spanish all day, she wrote it in Spanish. It was something like, “Yo doble perro desefiar a usted a comer todos los perros gormosos en su boca.” It made some sense… Except I think this was probably the biggest “gringoism” yet. Our teacher Hermano Gunter did it, and asked us if something was wrong with them. We jokingly told him that maybe there was. Well the two classes after that he has been sick! It just made us laugh a little that our dare might have done it.

Gringoismos- when we try to translate an English phrase or sentence into Spanish. It may make sense to us, but they just don’t understand why we would say that. We like to say “Hombre!” (man) “Que en el mundo!?” (what in the world?!) and things like that.

We cleaned in a construction area yesterday. The construction workers had on the radio and we caught like 20 seconds of a T-Swift and then a Rascal Flats song. We covered our ears and ran away. So weird.

One of the guys in our zone has been attacking us with Glade. On Monday, his companion zoomed through the halls in his wheely chair while he constantly sprayed him. It was hilarious. Then he came in our class and sprayed for 60 seconds straight. The girls tried to knock it out of his hands but he did air force and nobody could stop him because he is just way too strong. We hid the glade in the girls bathroom though so I hope it doesn’t become a problem again.

New missionaries in the building we have class in. Some Elders pointed them out to me and I said, “Awwww!” Elder Bruggeman told me not to treat them like they’re five. Hermana Connelly tried to make it better and told one, “You look really masculine!” That just made our Elders accuse her of being flirtatious. It was funny though. And seriously I love Wednesdays just for the new missionaries! They’re so cute! They ask where they’re going and where to put their trays after meals. It’s so cute.

Entonces, hasta luego mi amigos!

Mi amor,
Hermana Johnson


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