Week 4. The week we get new roommates

Hola mi familia y amigos!

We’ve been here a month! I can’t believe it’s been another week already. 

Well I have some good news and bad news. 

First bad news. We have new roommates! Can you believe there are six people sharing one room?!?! It’s the size of a classroom so it’s not huge. It’s a little chaotic when getting ready.

Now good news. And it’s so good I’ll make you scroll down to see it…

MY NEW ROOMMATE IS HERMANA KARA (BUNNY BETTY WHITE) PRESTWICH! No joke! Last week we got a note on our door mentioning the two new people and that we should get ready. At that moment I knew it was her, even though it didn’t mention their names. Seriously. So this whole last week I’ve been going crazy with excitement. Then after gym, I ran into her in our room and screamed for literally 5 minutes and almost ran through the halls (haha almost put walls, I’m no ghost though). Can I just say that prayer totally works. 100%. Heavenly Father knows us exactly and though his help is in his own timing, it is always the best thing for us. I had prayed so fervently for her to be in our zone or in our hall of classes. I had no idea that we could get roommates 4 weeks in and didn’t take that into account. But when I saw that note, I just visualized our living together in my prayers and lo and behold it happened. It was my answer, and it’s probably the best thing that could have happened. 

Now I just have to put the visualizing aspect of prayer to work in other parts of my mission! Gift of tongues? I know I can get it. I can do this!

We sang the EFY medley in Spanish for church on Sunday. It was so good! I just love that song! And so I’ve had it stuck in my head on and off for the past week. I got to do the alto part all by myself when the girls sang in parts. It was awesome. Hermana Billings played piano so only 3 girls sang. The guys only wanted to sing if we were really good, and I’m pretty sure we nailed it. 

So for TRC members come and we give them spiritual lessons. It’s different people every week so we introduce ourselves, and ask them about themselves. I said I was from VA, and one of the guys asked if my family was alright. I had absolutely no idea why he would ask that. So then he told us about the hurricane. They also mentioned it at devotional on Tuesday. It’s good I got a letter from you guys later that evening. Although I did figure it was just rain and wind knocking down trees that would be the problem. Let me know about the northern parts. I hear the metro in NY is flooded?! And power is out all in NY and NJ. We’ve heard missionaries have been moved inland.

Please send any news my way (hurricane, political election)! We have no idea what is going on in the world! 

Two quick stories, one of the teachers had his stuff by the window. The top thing, his journal fell out the window. His jaw dropped and he look devastated exactly when it hit the ground. Yesterday in order to learn numbers in Spanish, we did wall squats. Yes, wall squats counting to 100. It was funny to watch but not so much to participate in.

In our lessons we’ve done pretty good. We haven’t necessarily taught our best, but we’re still learning. We made some real progress yesterday with Angel. Hermana Connelly and I just weren’t connecting with him, but he just opened up and we sat there with a deep conviction about our message. I really think he understood the importance, and the application of it in his life. It was awesome. Then we read in Alma 34 about the Atonement as a class. It was so perfect after our lesson. I was sitting there thinking how much I need to study it so that I can accurately portray the importance to investigators, specifically Angel.

In the Devotional this week, Don R. Clarke of the 70 came. He talked about missionary work. Our opportunity is amazing, we are gaining so much spiritual knowledge and are changing to have better attitudes and beliefs. He said that as we bless our investigators lives, the Lord will bless the lives of our families. I hope you guys see exactly how you are being blessed by my service. 

Con amor,
Hermana Laura Johnson



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